"Melissa's smartly organized shared spreadsheets kept things flowing smoothly ('The vendors made fun of her, but it turned out to be really helpful,'teases Isaac), but the two credit their day-of-wedding coordinator, Mandy Wong, for making the day a breeze. 'She was invaluable,' Isaac says." --  Featured in Real Weddings Magazine (Pg. 35-38)

"At so many moments throughout the night, Stephen and I were incredibly glad we hired our day of coordinators Mandy Wong and Corwin Kwan from The Sweetest Day. Without them, we would be running around, trying to instruct our vendors, missing out on eating, and asking all our good friends and family to put up all our decor. We agreed that it was the best investment we had made for the wedding. I remember our photobooth arriving and the vendor asked me where to set up. I was on my way to the bathroom and I just said, “Oh, please talk to Mandy! She’ll let you know.” And then I was on my way." --  Featured on Wedding Obsession

"You have to have a great attitude. There may be times where you have to do many things at once, go to places, or work with vendors that you are unfamiliar with, so you really have to embrace that experience! There will be mistakes along the way. Don’t beat yourself up, learn from it, and move on. Nobody is born knowing how to do everything perfectly since the moment they’re born. We all have to learn."  --
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